About Us

Assemblage Views is part of Assemblage World, an endeavor to transition our world to a higher environmental and social consciousness through intentional narrative, responsible commerce and brand architecture.

In our corner of the world, we noticed the promising frontier of ‘sustainability’ with the founding, development and operation of a business that addressed various components of circular business practices. The possibilities to extend from this initiative were limitless. Simultaneously, we found ourselves in a muddled landscape that left many of us confused and skeptical of what it meant to be ‘sustainable.’ It’s a word that’s come to mean both too much and nothing at all. 

Rather than feel disillusioned, we felt inspired. Our decades-long collective experience in the apparel and lifestyle industries have afforded us direct insight into the successes and challenges of thinking, creating and working differently in service of a higher purpose.

Our prompt was clear: What kind of world could we envision if we helped to further shape business into a force for good, one that could extend the bottom line, build an honest relationship between companies and the public and chart a course by example to be followed?

Assemblage World was born out of our desire to share the stories and support the efforts of these people. Their contributions – whether small or large, subtle or grand – should be amplified, should be learned from, could be built upon. Coming from an industry that tells us to be competitive, we couldn’t ignore the overwhelming sense that the answer to many of the problems it faced could only be solved by coming together. 

As a gathering of ideas and people; part experiment, part project, but fully and everyday a practice, Assemblage aims to collect and disseminate ideas for ways forward while remaining open to those with better ones, committed to the idea that the incremental actions of many are more powerful than the mighty actions of one.

It has taken more than the two of us to arrive at where we are today and for this we are forever indebted to the encouragement, commitment and expertise of those who have been on this exploration with us thus far.


– Kate & Marisa